There Are Only 5 Simple Steps To Automating Your Social media. 15 Hours A Week: How To Get It Done

Social media influencers say that the most successful firms update their profiles many times a day. That begs the question, how do they pull that off? Is there a team of social media bots working for them? And how come everything they make appears so professional and current? Does the company house its authors in a basement with complimentary coffee machines?

First, set up an automatic posting system to save yourself five hours every week.

Everyone’s first problem is probably just to write more often. Against popular belief, increasing your social media posting frequency is simple.

eClincher includes a function designed specifically for this scenario. Using queues for automated posting is known as autopost. A queue is a collection of posts that can be uploaded in one major chunk or individually as needed.

Our queues go beyond a simple publishing schedule by giving you the freedom to republish your most successful articles as often as you desire. If you have a post that did really well this time last year, you may recycle it every month.

Okay, but how do you really come up with content? If you want additional content to share with your followers, how do you go about getting it?

Second, you need to find a way to automate the production of content (which will free up three hours each week).

The idea that everything posted on social media must be created from scratch is widespread.

You don’t have to come up with completely new material for every single article or piece of information you share. Several leading companies have discovered that by distributing the work of others, they can provide additional value to their target audience. It’s great for readers since they don’t need to follow more than five or ten businesses to access all the material they care about in one place.

Take use of eClincher’s RSS feeds and content curation features to not only get your own blog’s material but also to share and add to your queue the content of influencers and major players in your field.

These tools have saved me countless hours of work each week in which I would have had to manually search for fresh, relevant information to share on social media.

So how can you zero in on the ideal target demographic and learn which companies and influencers they already follow and enjoy?

Third, programmatically discover your ideal customers (saves 3 hours)

Finding your ideal client or audience is a major obstacle when it comes to content distribution. Twitter searches, keyword searches, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms genuinely help you locate your audience automatically, and they are rapidly replacing the whole field of “market research” in the modern world.

Finally, in Step 4, your audience engagement should be automated (saves 2 hours)

The more of your social media activities, like publishing and content curation, that you can automate, the more engaged your audience will be. That’s the whole point of using social media: to interact with your target demographic.

That’s fine and all, but what if you double or triple the fraction? What’s the best way to respond to everyone who tweets, shares, likes, or comments on your posts? Doesn’t that defy logic?

Many tools exist that can improve your interaction with your target audience.

Sending out pre-written welcome tweets and DMs to everyone of your new Twitter followers should be your first priority.

In addition to reaching each and every one of your customers, automated messages demonstrate your commitment to their feedback and queries, which goes a long way towards earning their trust and respect.

eClincher’s consolidated social inbox is another fantastic resource. If you utilise our portal, you may respond to every single social media interaction (tweet, message, remark, review, new follower, etc.) without ever leaving the site.

Within a matter of seconds, you may immediately get back to each and every one of your customers.

A Simple Guide to Social Media Automation in 5 Steps 15 Hours a Week: How to Get It Done

More and more of our companies are reporting that social media, rather than their website, is where their consumers are asking them questions about support. Indeed, it is the case! People are more likely to contact you via social media if they feel your brand has some personality. To ensure that your social media and customer service operations run well together, we have developed a number of tools to facilitate communication between your service staff and your consumers on various platforms.

The first is our team function, which enables you to invite other people to work with you on your eClincher account to post and curate material on its behalf. The option to assign customer support tickets to other members of your team is another feature we’re working on implementing shortly. You should expect an additional 5 hours per week of relief from customer service problems thanks to that addition alone.