Facebook and Instagram’s New Business Tools for Creators

At Meta, we’re building tools that will make it easier for content makers to find an audience, expand their communities, and monetize their efforts. Creators from all around the world are cordially invited to join us at Creator Week 2022 as we advance our professional standing, forge bonds among ourselves, and plan for the future. We’re also launching brand new monetization opportunities for creators on both Facebook and Instagram.

New Features for Virtual Goods

Instagram is working on a way for creators to create and sell digital items to their followers. From creation (initiated on the Polygon blockchain) through presenting and selling, they will have access to a complete set of tools. Instagram has made it simple for fans to show their appreciation for their favourite authors by purchasing digital souvenirs from them. We are now beta testing these updates with a select set of US-based authors and plan to roll them out internationally in the near future.

Additionally, we’re introducing support for the Solana blockchain and the Phantom wallet, broadening the sorts of digital assets you can exhibit on Instagram to include video. Last but not least, Instagram users will now have access to metadata enhancements made by OpenSea, including collection names and descriptions.

Encouragement from Viewers to Artists

We’re streamlining the ways in which users may support their favourite creators across all of our products, which will ultimately benefit the creators’ fan bases and bottom lines. 

Instagram account subscriptions

To help more American content creators earn stable revenue and connect with their most devoted fans, we’re opening up Instagram subscriptions to all qualified users in the country. Subscriptions were introduced earlier this year, and popular creators like Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse), Alan Chow (@alanchikinchow), and Skai Jackson (@skaijackson) have already been using them to strengthen their relationships with their most devoted fans.

Gifts and Stars

By automatically activating Stars on public creator material, including Reels, we are making it easier for people to find Stars on Facebook. This expands the availability of information on and access to Stars throughout Facebook. We have chosen a small subset of worldwide creators to pilot this with. 

To make it simpler for creators to receive Stars and communicate with their fans who have sent them, we are releasing the following additional features:

Stars’ Party is coming to Reels. When the author of a Stars community challenge achieves their objective, they are invited to a party. 

A new system of virtual presents based on the recipient’s interests is being tested. If you’re viewing a compilation of puppies made by your favourite pet maker, you may give them a present related to dogs. 

Making it easier for creators to interact with those who send them Stars, such as by introducing a filter to the Comments Manager that compiles a user’s Stars comments into a single feed. Here, authors can respond to several comments at once.

Including Stars on public material that isn’t a video, such as photographs and text.

We’re testing out presents on Instagram, and we’re starting with Reels so that artists may get paid by the people who enjoy their work. By purchasing Instagram Stars, Reels users can show their appreciation for their favourite creators by sending them virtual presents. We are now piloting this with a select set of US-based creators and look forward to expanding to a wider audience in the near future.

Facebook’s Business Profile Setting

We’re introducing a new profile setting called “professional mode” that will let content producers all around the world establish an online identity apart from their personal accounts on Facebook. In Professional mode, creators and aspiring creators have access to a variety of resources that allow them to build an international fanbase from their own profiles. To be eligible for revenue opportunities including Stars, Facebook Reels advertisements, in-stream commercials, and Reels Play, producers need to switch to “professional mode.” They’ll gain entry to a wealth of instructional materials, audience and content analytics, and more.