It is no secret that opportunities for business and brands are growing quickly on Instagram. 90% of the one billion monthly active users on Instagram follow a business account on the social media platform. And while the platform has not told the current number of users on business, the social media app reportedly hosted more than twenty-five M in 2017. As Instagram develops more features for interaction and growing continuously, such features are Instagram Live and Instagram Stories. Some businesses and brands are also using this social media platform as the best tool for generating new business, delighting customers, showcasing the company’s culture, and showcasing the products. 

For the average business or person, growing the attention daily and growing the following takes time daily. There are some great things that you can do to receive more followers for your professional account on Instagram and your account on Instagram. Let us discuss some best stratergies that can help you to receive more followers for your account. Particularly buying automatic Instagram likes for your posts are the best strategy to get more brand exposure. It is all about knowing where to invest your effort and invest your time.

Let’s discuss some stratergies that will help you receive and grab those fans, from creating a follow-worthy profile on Instagram to staying very connected to your business and brands and using the contests.

  • Create your profile and optimize your profile
  • Designate a creator for content
  • Follow some best editing practices and follow some best photography practices
  • Set a regular schedule for content posting
  • Curate some of your Instagram content
  • Use platform-specific brand voice and consistent brand voice
  • Write shareable captions and engaging captions
  • With relevant hashtags, optimize your posts, such as photos and videos

Create your profile and optimize your profile

 You have to customize your profile on Instagram to give them a great reason to follow you, tell who you are to your potential users, and make the best profile. Ensure that your username on Instagram is easily searchable and easily recognizable, particularly like your business name. If your business or brand’s name is taken already, try just to keep your business name or brand name as your username’s first part so that this will help the audience searching for your business or brands are likely to come to access your profile.


Step 1: Make sure to add your full business name and brand name to the field “Name” in the section “Options.” Just tap on the three lines at the top right corner to find the “Options” section in the iOS applications; just follow the option “Settings.” Next to the gear icon, the “Setting” option will appear at the screen’s bottom line. If you are an Android user, tap on the three dots in the screen’s top right corner. Under your profile picture, your profile name will display and also under your usernamE In search. 

Step 2: Make sure that your Instagram profile is public. To make your profile on Instagram public, just open the application, open “Options,” and make sure that the option “Private Account” is not turned on.

Step 3: Choose the right picture for your profile, for example, your company logo or brand logo.

Step 4: Fill your bio with informative, actionable, and delightful information about your brand and business. Information like this will help people to know about you and your brand and business.