How To Use IGTV Channel:4 Best Practices

IGTV is one of the smashing features on Instagram; it was launched in 2018. Now it has come up with plenty of effective improvements and developments that made it easy for you to market on IGTV. Using the IGTV channel, you could reach many benefits, reach your target audience, increase your brand visibility, and more. Instagram holds 800 million monthly active users, and more users are very much excited to use video platforms. This is the right time to footprint your brand logo into IGTV. 

Now, you have many new features on IGTV like horizontal videos, hashtags. In this article, you are going to learn five winning ways to grow your business via IGTV. 

Let’s dive,

Repost Your Great Content 

Usually, new videos poll many new audiences that may not view your content on other media like Facebook or Youtube. You can identify which content works well for your brand and republish those content on IGTV. By doing this, your videos are getting a second life and will also become even greater.

It is not only about videos you can republish, but also you can do the same for blog posts, emails, social media posts. Pick a content that adds value or finds beneficial to your audience. 

Tutorials, how-to-do are well-performing content that you can get from your blog. You can use them as an interesting IGTV video. 

Optimize Your Video For Silent Viewers 

On IGTV, the auto-play feature will not allow audio as a default. So, you need to grab your audience’s attention entirely with the visuals. In your video, you must include seeable subtitles at the end of the screen. Adding subtitles helps to expand your horizontal screen length. But anyway, vertical videos are ideal for IGTV people, particularly on their smartphones.

The video appears silent by default on both Instagram and the storyboard. If you optimize for silent viewings, then you can raise your CTR and receive more viewers for your videos. 

Come Up With Exclusive Content For Your IGTV Channel  

Think about how it will be if you provide a valuable reason for your audience to watch your videos. And the results will be, you will receive tons of engagement. This can be achieved easily by creating exclusive, unique content for IGTV. If you aim to grow your IGTV platform, you need to provide engaging content. Moreover, if you gain more IGTV likes, you can receive lots of attention from your audience. Through this, you can grow your IGTV channel. 

Behind-the-scenes, day in my life, letting your followers see your company’s infrastructure, working place in the name of an office tour. These are some of the topics which may work well for your account. 

Educate: Construct Tutorials, How-To -Do Videos 

Use your IGTV channel wisely, it’s the best place to share your knowledge, speak more about your business or industry. This way, your audience will know more about your business. You can take topics like tutorials and how-to videos, ensuring it is related to your business. When you provide values to your content, automatically, people like to engage with your channel. 

For instance, if you are a fashion blogger, you can create videos on getting ready for different places with the same outfit. This way, you are promoting your products and teaching people to use the outfit differently. 


IGTV is a popular feature on Instagram. Everyone started to use IGTV; you can use this stage entirely for your business. Remember, if you create videos in people’s interest, adding information, value to your content. People will rush to your channel and start following you back. I hope this article will guide something on how to use IGTV in a better way.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.