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Use Social Media To Boost Your Advertising

The next generation of digital marketing initiatives will be driven by social media. There are now a staggering 93% of marketers using social media, and 90% of those marketers feel it is vital to their entire strategy. Incredibly, 93% of companies have made direct sales using social media. These estimates are also expected to rise as the year progresses.

This is great news for the digital revolution, but it will only increase competition in the e-commerce sector. It will become increasingly difficult to attract new clients and keep existing ones. There will also be a decline in the availability of fresh content ideas across the many social media outlets. In this regard, social listening technologies may be quite useful on social media.

How do social listening apps work?

Social listening tools are computer programmes made for the sole purpose of assisting marketers in keeping tabs on and analysing online discussions pertaining to their brands and goods.

The tools collect data about the brand and its competitors. The data is then analysed to get useful information. These insights may be used by marketers to capitalise on opportunities in the market, such as a dip in product quality or a void in customer service.

List of the Seven Best Social Listening Tools for 2022

We’ve compiled a list of the top social listening tools that can help you revamp your social media marketing strategy in 2022.

Watching Brands

Brandwatch, situated in the United Kingdom, use artificial intelligence to do in-depth social listening. They have assisted over 2,000 of the most prominent businesses and advertising agencies in the globe in gaining valuable insights. As a result, companies are able to make marketing decisions with far-reaching consequences. Features like competition analysis, tracking of sponsored campaigns, analysis of followers, identification of who is responsible for what results, and post-analysis are all essential. Monthly payments begin at £500.

2nd place: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo was established in 2013 and provides comprehensive information for managing your social media marketing. There’s information from every major social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more. BuzzSumo may also be used to analyse the content of competitors’ sites, as well as for social measurement, identifying influential users, and social reporting. Monthly plans begin at $99 (USD).


In order to expand your social media following, you may use Buffer, an all-in-one platform for managing your social media accounts, which provides you with posting, interaction, and collaboration capabilities. One of its most notable features, though, is its capacity for social listening. In addition to social analytics, social interaction, and campaign planning, Buffer provides a wealth of extra services for online marketers. Starting at at $15 per month, Buffer’s premium plans are affordable for any budget.


As a social listening tool, AgoraPulse ranks among the best in the market. Use the social listening tools to track down relevant discussions happening across platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Also, because the programme reads through YouTube video descriptions, you can monitor the performance of your brand there as well. This makes it simple to track out who is discussing your product and why. AgoraPulse’s social analytics, competition analysis, and follower analysis features can help you move your campaigns forward more quickly. Monthly plans start at $79 USD.

Discussion in the Media

Mention, Mentionlytics, and Social Mention are just few of the businesses that go by the name “Mention” and provide social listening services. Value-wise, however, Social Mention is head and shoulders above the competition. Free versions are available and provide access to a wide variety of useful functions, such as in-depth analysis of campaigns and real-time monitoring of data. While Social Mention may be lacking in certain capabilities, it’s a wonderful choice for people on a lesser budget.

Community Bakers

Recent development at Social Bakers has resulted in the debut of a social listening tool. The wait, though, was absolutely worthwhile. The platform now allows you to learn about the demographics, habits, and preferences of your target audience. To further analyse, evaluate, and enhance your operations, you may utilise the Social Bakers tool to monitor online chatter pertaining to your brand. Prices for the most expensive options begin at $200 per month.


Brand24 is a social media monitoring tool that is both easy to use and dependable, allowing companies to stay current on the discussions that matter to them at all times. So, businesses may learn useful information that can guide their social media initiatives. Lead generation for sales, better social support for customers, and the discovery of influential people are all possible thanks to this. Brand24 also allows you to analyse your competitors, track your followers, and attribute success to certain campaigns. Costs begin at $49 per month.

Are You Prepared to Start Improving Your Campaigns Now?

As you learn to listen to social media, you may see emerging patterns and use them to your advantage in your engagement strategies. The ability to monitor the market and your rivals is essential in the year 2022, and these resources may help you do just that. You can take charge of your social media marketing by studying your audience and catering to their preferences. This can help you boost conversions and revenue, in addition to driving interaction on social media.