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Here Are Four Pointers to Help You Make Great Instagram Reels Ads

In August of 2020, Instagram debuted a feature called Reels. The 60-second multi-clip videos that users may make with the TikTok-inspired short-form video format include user-generated audio and visual effects. Reels have quickly become a popular way for users to discover new material and interact with emerging accounts on the network.

Therefore, this means that businesses can now take advantage of the growing popularity of the format by using Reels to communicate with their target demographics.

If you want to know what Instagram Reels advertisements are and how to make them work, you’ve come to the right place.

Advertisements on Instagram using Reels?

As with the worldwide rollout in the middle of June 2021, advertisers may now target users with Instagram Reels advertisements.

Ads in Instagram Reels are comparable to those in Instagram Stories since both:

To what extent do you favour vertically-oriented full-screen videos
Appear in the midst of standard, unsponsored Story Reels and Films and have a distinct “sponsored” label (as all IG ads are)
Reels advertising, like ordinary Reels and Instagram posts, may be liked, commented on, saved, and shared, but they loop and can be up to 30 seconds in length.

Sponsored Instagram Reels material appears in the same places as genuine Reels content, including the Reels tab, the Explore tab, and users’ feeds.

The possibilities are vast because of this exposure. Reels is the fastest-growing global venue where brands and artists can be found by everyone, says Instagram’s Business Team. With the aid of these advertisements, companies will be able to expand their customer bases and more people will be introduced to exciting new works by established and emerging artists and brands.

We think advertisements work well in Reels because they help people find interesting new material on Instagram. Companies of all sizes may benefit from this innovative approach in a place where users are already having fun, according to Instagram COO Justin Osofsky.

In conclusion, advertisements on Reels may be a fantastic way to exhibit your company’s flair and stand out to people as they peruse material that is conceptually comparable to that which you are promoting.

Ads on Instagram Reels: Four Suggestions

Having learned what Instagram Reels advertisements are and how to design one, we can now examine how to make the most of this innovative ad style.

In order to help you develop a winning plan for advertising on Instagram Reels, here are a few key pointers.

Investigate the market’s other options

Do the firms that matter to you most also use Instagram Reels? Which of their posts receive the most attention and feedback from readers?

Take notice of the Reels material that gets the greatest interaction from your intended audience, and use that knowledge to inform your Reels and Reels ad creation.

As an instance, if you’re a skincare company, you may find more success in encouraging comments and shares by posting short, daily recommendations on how to get the most out of your goods.

Check out how other businesses in your industry are using Instagram to create Reels as part of your research.

Use Filmic Knowledge to Identify Successful Methods

Instagram Insights is Instagram’s built-in analytics tool that gives creators and companies insight into their activity on the platform.

Insights now displays engagement data for Reels, including number of plays, number of accounts reached, number of likes, comments, saves, and shares.
To get detailed analytics for a single Reel, open that Reel from your profile, hit the three dots symbol in the bottom right, then select Insights.
What kind of material from Reels are generating the most success for your site may be easily identified using these metrics. Ads for Instagram Reels should continue in the same vein.

Your Reels Insights may indicate, for instance, that the shortest, most concise Reels are the most popular with your audience. Since you already know that your target audience enjoys this sort of content, creating an AMA-style Reels ad is a safe idea.

Get the sound just right and add subtitles

Instagram has introduced Reels as a response to the global success of TikTok and other similar apps that feature short videos. Like on TikTok, getting the audio for your Reel just perfect is essential. You might say that the music is almost as important as the visuals in Reels.

Use music, a popular audio clip (but make sure it’s not copyrighted!) or your own amusing narration when making a Reels ad.

If you’re trying to reach people in more than one country, it’s smart to make ads that sound like they were recorded in their native tongue.

And, obviously, subtitles that can really be read need to be included. It’s true that audio plays a major role in the Viewing experience, but some users may be unable to hear or may want to disable the sound while they explore. If you want your Reels advertisements to be accessible to everyone, subtitles are a must.

Focus and have fun

Advertisements on Reels have a maximum running time of 30 seconds. A vague and uninteresting advertisement that fails to elicit any response from the target audience is the result of material that tries to cover too much ground.

Make sure each one of your Insta Reels advertising has a clear purpose. If you want to make a good commercial, you have to choose the best parts.

In addition, Instagram Reels advertisements are a great way to show off your company’s quirky side. Yes, you want to increase traffic and conversions, but don’t forget to sprinkle in some levity and relatability to keep people interested. If your information comes out as excessively “salesy,” users will quickly swipe to the next Video.

Last but not least, make sure the campaign frequency is optimal to prevent ad fatigue. Because overexposure will cause people to ignore your commercials and lack enthusiasm for your company, which will result in wasted money.