In 2013, for $3 billion, Facebook tried to acquire the social media platform Snapchat. Snapchat was extremely popular at that time, with a younger audience moving away from the social media platform Facebook. But Snapchat said no. later, Instagram Stories was created by Facebook and fastly surpassed the daily active users of Snapchat. 

A few years later, a social media application known as Muscal.ly became popular with Generation Z. that platform allowed the users of film fifteen to sixty-second videos in either multiple or single shots.  Mainly the videos were dancing to the movie clips or music or lip-synching.  In the year 206, again, Facebook tried to acquire Musical.ly and failed. Instead, a Chinese-based company purchased the mUsical.ly application and renamed it TikTok. Now Facebook launched the Reels. 


The newest feature of Instagram, Reels, allows the users to film and edit a fifteen-second multiple clip video with different effects, audio, and other creative functions.  You can share your Reels with your fans and audience on your Instagram’s primary Feed and make them accessible to everyone via the Explore feed of Instagram. Reel’s feature of Instagram is straight response to TikTok’s popularity like the Stories before did. In the 1st quarter of the year 2020, TikTok brings about the most downloads for any application ever in the first quarter. 

The most important thing that marketers should understand about Instagram Reels is, this feature is not a standalone application, and it is an inbuilt application, like Instagram stories. This is mainly because the Instagram application provides a familiar experience and an existing user base. As they did with IGTV and Stories, you can bet that the Instagram platform will revise its algorithm to make sure the success of Reels and encourage its use.


You will be familiar with Instagram Reels if you are familiar with TikTok. With the Reels feature, users on Instagram can film and edit together fifteen-second video clips and share them to their new reels tab on their profile, Explore Feed, and Stories. The Reels segment of the renovated Explore Feed is Instagram’s version of the For You Page of TikTok. Explore Feed is the place where general Reels are displayed to users depending on your location, Reels you have engaged with, what is trending and famous, who you follow, and other data. 

Some of the Reels videos in the Instagram Explore feed will have a label “featured above the caption. According to the social media platform Instagram, this featured label indicates public/general  Reels that are being highlighted to display the creative use cases. Buy Instagram Reels comments will help your brand reach more people  and to get featured tags on Instagram. You will receive notification if your Reels is chosen as featured.