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Instagram TV – Is It Time For You To Start?

On June 20th, CEO Kevin Systrom announced that Instagram will be establishing IGTV to give even more potential for streaming video content on its booming platform. At this point, there are more than one billion users using Instagram. You should keep in mind that Hyperchat Social has been advising you, for a considerable amount of time now, that all platforms are converging in the centre, with streaming video being the epicentre of the universe for the short term. You should also keep in mind that this is something that you have been hearing from Hyperchat Social.

What companies need to be aware of with IGTV?

Videos play on full screen and in the vertical orientation.
The duration of the video can range anywhere from 15 seconds to an hour (although the full hour is presently only accessible to bigger accounts that have been confirmed). Everyone else has a 10-minute time restriction on their comments.)
Users have the option of watching content either within the Instagram app or on the IGTV app.
When users launch the IGTV app, the videos begin playing automatically for them.
Calls to action that “swipe up” can be added to videos by their creators.
Users of the IGTV app have the ability to navigate between the “For You,” “Following,” “Popular,” and “Continue Watching” sections inside the application itself.
Engagement: Users are able to like or comment on videos, as well as email videos to others within the app. Direct
Creators have their own channels, such as YouTube, and anybody may participate in the creative process and become a creator.
The IGTV mobile app as well as the website both accept video submissions.
Videos that are hosted on IGTV may also be posted to the Facebook Watch platform.

  • File size: up to 3.6GB
  • MP4 is the file extension.
  • Video size: 9:16

JPEG file extension for the video thumbnail and cover picture.
Although there are no advertising alternatives accessible at this time, Instagram has stated that it eventually intends to ensure that successful video makers are able to make money from their work.

What steps should you take when considering the benefits that Instagram TV might provide to your company?

Think about the user name or handle you’re going to use on IGTV. When you’re considering how you’re going to grow your brand over the long term, you’ll want a name for your brand that is shareable, easy to remember, and connected in some way to the videos you’re going to post on IGTV. If you are the kind of person who likes to do things themselves and your videos are going to be instructive in nature, then you should probably think about using the term “DIY” in some part of your overall username.
People are always interested in hearing about what goes on behind the scenes of their favourite shows and films because they feel that it gives them something to aspire to. By saying that, I mean that you get the impression that you are a member of a select group that is privy to “in the know” knowledge, which makes you want to watch these movies even more. You could want to think about how it can be incorporated into what you are already doing, or if you are just establishing an account, you might want to think about how you would choose and organise that content using your videos. Both of these things are worth considering.

Importance of IGTV

People enjoy watching videos of this kind because it gives them the opportunity to ask questions and get answers straight from the creator of the content. You could want to set this up such that someone answers you questions that your viewers ask you the most often. This will provide them the opportunity to learn new things while they are participating in your video channel.
Because Instagram has a younger audience overall, its users prefer unpolished videos over content that appears to have been shot over the course of three days. This is not to offend any of the professional video firms that are out there. This is most effectively addressed against professional services firms who are concerned about their ‘image’ when it comes to video. Instagram users are accustomed to seeing videos that appear to be someone holding their phone in front of their face and filming the result.
We don’t always consider the long-term ramifications of the videos we put out on the internet, but you should start asking yourself the questions about what you want out of IGTV so that you can choose what type of following you want to attract to your channel. Is this an attempt to build your brand? When people have been accustomed to viewing your videos, what do you want your fans to recognise you for? Do you plan to drive potential leads? All questions that are vital as you build out your channel.