Three Wonderful Methods To Reclaim Your YouTube Subscribers Attention

Whenever internet users need to find and watch videos online, their first preference is YouTube. It is the second most popular search engine across the world after Google. 

  • Over 600 million content creators on YouTube are fighting with their opponents to grab the most subscribers and stay around them. And a familiar option is to send messages to them.
  • YouTube introduces a small change – the bell button since 2019, beside the subscribe option. The bel button allows the subscribers to select whether they need to get all, personalized notification, or none.

Older channels with vast subscribers who did not press the bell button will get low views because of the personalized experience. It means they need to fight for their attention, and you want to educate the viewers to do it.

If you are one of the stunning content creators on YouTube and need to reclaim your subscribers, this article will help you a lot.

Send vast messages via browser extension:

Always first is first – YouTube does not allow their content creators to send vast messages to all subscribers on the network at once. Naturally – YouTube does not have a feature to send boundless messages to all subscribers at once on the platform. Get an extra source of traffic on buy real YouTube subscribers leads your YouTube account more weightage for earning the engagements.

There are many browser extensions to send broadcast messages to all subscribers or send push notifications. Here are the some:

  • Push engage (push notification)
  • YouTube checker
  • YouTube messenger

Through YouTube messenger, you can send vast messages by following ways:

  • From Chrome Web store, add the YouTube Messager extension,
  • Once it is added, its icon will appear on the top-right screen.
  • Tap on your profile picture, it directs to your Creator Studio. Then, click the Community, then subscribers.
  • Now, click the YouTube Messenger icon.
  • You can write your texts and click on the “send a message.”
  • If you have more subscribers, it takes longer to send to all.

There is a high risk of using this extension because it is against the YouTube policy. There is a high chance of your account getting suspended, and marks it as a spam account.

Send personal messages:

YouTube has a feature of in-app messaging that makes the content creators send private messages on mobile devices to other users on YouTube. But the feature has been removed since 2019. The primary reason is less utilization because of emerging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Still, content creators on YouTube can send messages to other users through business inquiry emails. It is available only for desktop users.

Make the intro with the animation clips and CTA:

YouTube minimizes the many features that lead to any scams, including a messaging feature. YouTube mainly prefers the features that benefit its users. You can deliver your messages using the animated clips on your videos.

Also, making your first few seconds more attractive allows you to gain more viewers to stay on your videos. It is a secure way to increase the count of subscribers.

Here are tricky steps to gain more subscribers and to deliver your first messages through the animated clips.

  • You can use simple graphics such as cartoon characters or motion graphics to brief your messages and highlight CTA.
  • Make your message within 10 seconds.
  • Give click buttons for the viewers to like, share, comment, and subscribe to your channel.