Is SocialMeep The Best Instagram Follower Booster?

Did you know that Instagram is gaining users at a higher rate than Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat combined? With Instagram’s user base expanding at such a rapid rate, there are plenty of options for companies to profit from the platform. An impressive percentage of Instagrammers (72%) have actually bought something they saw advertised on the platform. More than 700 million people have made purchases on Instagram.

You’re leaving money on the table if your business of any kind isn’t using Instagram to increase revenue and attract new clients. Over a billion people are using Instagram right now, and they might be your target audience.

If you haven’t previously, create an Instagram Business Profile as a first step. You may learn more about your target demographic and fine-tune your page’s settings with a business page. If you’re interested in creating an Instagram Business Page, the official instructions are available here.

Optimise your bio by adding a catchy description, some clickable hashtags, and a link to your website after you’ve set up your page. Doing so will lend credibility to your site and open the door for potential customers to check out your wares.

The next step is to begin providing high-quality content as frequently as possible so that visitors will have something to interact with. Since Instagram is a photo and video sharing app, that’s how you should present your content there.

Methods for attracting followers on Instagram.

Now that your page is up and running with interesting material, you can focus on expanding your fan base. The most challenging, yet crucial, aspect of becoming commercially successful on Instagram is building a fan base. You can’t make any sales if no one sees your product or hears your message.

As I explained in the piece, I was able to expand my clientele and revenue without resorting to costly advertising strategies.

Solution to Automated Growth

I employed a growth hacking technique not widely recognised as “Instagram Automation.” To automate and expand your Instagram activity, you may use a third-party solution known as Instagram Automation. This is often known as an Instagram bot in the marketing industry. The greatest method to rapidly expand your following is to engage with the profiles that make up your target market. By interacting with their content in some way (by clicking “like,” “follow,” “view,” “comment,” etc. Instagram can only be used so many times in a day before it becomes impractical to grow; here is where automation comes in.

So, what did they find?

For context, I run a client-side page about business counselling. I utilised SocialMeep, an Instagram automation tool, to get my foot in the door rather than thousands of dollars in Instagram ads. I gained over 7,000 highly targeted followers in the first month. We were able to turn about 300 of these new fans into paying members. With monthly coaching plans starting at $150, even just one customer generated enough revenue to cover the cost of SocialMeep for an entire month.

Instagram Ads vs. SocialMeep

If we had used Instagram ads, it would have cost us about $52,500 to gain 7,000 followers (or $7.50 each follower). Automation solutions like SocialMeep are your best chance unless you’re already a major company with millions to spend on Instagram Ads. Ads should be a component of any successful growth plan, but they are a poor use of resources when you’re just getting started or are bootstrapping.

Successful Methods

Instagram automation tools, such as SocialMeep, have varying degrees of success based on the account’s specialty, content, and other criteria. But as long as you keep contributing and have a full profile, you can count on at least some expansion.

Using SocialMeep (or a similar service), the best course of action is to concentrate on making your business and offering the greatest possible product or service to your clients.