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How To Drive Up Engagement With TikTok Comments?

The comments section of the video sharing app TikTok adds another layer to the app’s appeal beyond the viral videos and hip dances for which it is renowned. The TikTok comment area is more than simply a place to express an opinion; it’s also a hub for meta-discussions on various topics and hilarious jokes.

In TikTok, a single comment can become viral and receive thousands or even millions of likes. The potential exposure gained through such genuine interactions is too valuable for brands to ignore. Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with customers and increase brand awareness by demonstrating the humorous, genuine, and witty side of your company through TikTok comments.
There are a few things to remember if you want to get comments on TikTok the natural way.

First, the comment section’s hierarchy is significant

Likes are used to determine the order of comments. Frequently-viewed comments are prioritised by the app, bringing them to the forefront and maximising their exposure. If a brand can get a viral comment or video response, they have hit the proverbial jackpot. Videos that generate a lot of discussion in the comment section are prioritised by the TikTok algorithm and displayed on the For You page (FYP).

The interactive nature of video answers is amplified in two ways

When compared to other social media sites, the comment section of TikTok stands out due to the prevalence of video replies. Using video answers, the content producer can upload a video in response to a user’s comment. The user’s video reaction will be shown to other commenters and will hopefully spark more discussion.

Companies often make remarks on popular videos

The practise of commenting on viral videos is also widespread. If you click on the “Explore” tab, you’ll be able to view the most popular hashtags and the brands that are capitalising on the exposure they may get by commenting on those videos. On the other hand, social media marketers engage with TikToks that have mentions of their company.

Fourth, knowing the app’s purpose is crucial

Maintaining the app’s intended tone and sensibility is another crucial consideration. Be humorous and lighthearted, but watch out for the border between clever and cringeworthy. The comment section can be challenging to navigate if you are unfamiliar with the app. If you’re trying to raise awareness amongst the younger demographic that frequents TikTok, you should put a lot of thought into how you can best interact with them in the comments section.

TikTok’s commenting features and how to activate them

To edit your profile, navigate to your profile page and select the menu icon (three horizontal bars) located in the upper right corner. To access your personal privacy and settings, select the corresponding tabs. To view comments, go to Privacy > Scroll Down.
If you want to restrict comments on your videos to a certain group of people, you may do so here. All Users, Following, Friends, or Nobody. When you switch on comments for your public profile, “Everyone” lets anyone leave a comment. If your profile is set to “Followers,” only those people who have already followed you can leave comments on your posts. Those who follow you and you follow back on the app are considered “friends.”
You can also disable feedback on previously uploaded movies from this page.

Get the most out of your TikTok comments

TikTok is where all the viral videos are being made right now, from fun dance routines to challenges like the Adult Swim fad. In order to increase exposure and capitalise on TikTok’s success, several businesses have joined in on various comment trends over the past two years.

Get the most comments by riding the wave of popular content

For the same reasons we described above, it’s not uncommon for companies to leave comments below a popular video in the hopes of attracting more attention to their business. While any company can leave a comment on a viral video, the best comments tend to get the most attention.

2. Inspire participation by issuing a persuasive invitation to take some form of action

Including a call to action in the video’s or caption’s text is one way that many marketers increase discussion in the comments area. To engage an audience, it’s typical to have them do something like tag a buddy, share an emoji, or answer a question.

Milk Makeup’s TikTok comments are known for their frequent usage of call-to-action phrases.
Third, go beyond the typical sponsored post in your collaborations with authors

The success of TikTok can be attributed in great part to its developers. They do particularly well in the comments section, and many of them are also influential people who work with brands on sponsored videos and advertisements.

Don’t limit collaboration to the confines of your smartphone.

Late in 2021, high school senior Samuel Beasely posted to TikTok about “[getting] the most fire Old Navy commercial ever,” prompting 1,300 viewers to share videos they wished to see in an ad and gaining the attention of Old Navy’s advertising agency. Soon later, Old Navy debuted a new springtime commercial that was motivated by user feedback on TikTok. By superimposing screenshots, the commercial drives home the point that it was inspired solely by viewer comments.

Get approval before publishing user-generated content that is likely to elicit discussion.

The user-generated content in the TikTok comments section is a gold mine (but you have to share the jackpot, of course). A company’s TikTok profile can feature creator-made videos advertising the company’s wares. User-generated content that is consistent with the brand’s ethos is also frequently included.

Find out what your customers are thinking by reading their comments.

Marketers can benefit from the unfiltered opinions of TikTok users by listening to the comments area for deeper voice of customer (VoC) information. The sincerity of the comments area is representative of real-world responses, both favourable and negative.