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Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Ads

Use Instagram for professional purposes?

Considering putting up some ads?

Instagram ads are a great method for companies to get their names out there and build relationships with target audiences.

Learn the ins and outs of making Instagram advertising for your company right here.
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Join Instagram and Facebook together

Connecting your Instagram and Facebook accounts is a prerequisite to running ads on Instagram. You can then use Facebook’s Power Editor to make your ads.

To begin, open your Facebook page and select Settings from the drop-down menu. Select Instagram Ads from the menu on the left, and then add an account using the button on the right.
Select Add an Existing Account if you already have an Instagram account, then log in using your username and password.
It is possible to sign up for Instagram directly from Facebook. Choose the New Account option, then fill in the required fields (email address, username).
To learn more about your new Instagram account, check your inbox. Then, do as instructed to create a password.

Following these instructions, your Instagram feed will automatically appear on Facebook.
You may now promote your Facebook advertisements on Instagram if you’ve already made them through your Facebook page.

Ad editing and creation is still being rolled out by Facebook and Instagram, so if you don’t have access to them just yet, you will soon.

Pick an Ad Format

Instagram advertising can be tailored to achieve one of three goals: website visits, app downloads, or video views (up to 30 seconds in duration).
You can make the most of image, video, and carousel ads within the context of these goals. Standard image advertising consist of photographs with a call-to-action button superimposed on them. Like still image commercials, but with moving pictures. Carousel advertising allow visitors to scroll through a slideshow of images.
You can get results from any of these advertising approaches, so choose wisely.

Aim for Your Audience Specifics

Targeting choices for Instagram advertising are similar to those on Facebook. Factors like geography, demography, interests, and behaviour are just a few examples.

You may tailor your Instagram ad campaign to reach a certain demographic in the same manner that you can on Facebook.
Remember that you can choose how much of the targeting choices to use. Location, age, and gender are the only mandatory options. If you want finer-grained control over who sees your advertising, you can use the additional targeting choices to hone in on an audience that is more likely to respond positively to your message.
Shomi Canada’s Instagram post exemplifies the power of precise demographics. More than 5,700 likes and 41 comments showed that the ad was well received by Instagram’s younger demographic.
Ads targeted at specific demographics should only appear before those people. If your ad targets working mothers, you probably don’t want it seen by teenagers.

Use Instagram’s targeting options to your advantage and give your audience something that will pique their interest.

Include eye-catching images

Instagram’s fame stems from the app’s high quality visual content. If you want to make commercials that get people to act, you need to make sure they have eye-catching images.
Instagram users can easily spot stock photographs and are less inclined to interact with them. Take images yourself or pay for the services of a photographer or illustrator.

Request an immediate response

At this time, Instagram ads do not have any limitations on the total quantity of text used in a given image. This enables you to make ads that heavily rely on text to convey nuanced messages. Direct calls to action in visual media are another option.

The advertisement for Holiday Inn Express is effective because of the prominent “book now” button.
If you want to encourage people to take some sort of action, such as sharing a selfie, visiting a website, signing up for a newsletter, or tagging a friend in the comments section, you have the freedom to include as much text as you like in your graphic.

Use Trending Hashtags

Instagram is full of hashtags used by both general and specific audiences, from #ThrowbackThursday to #MotivationMonday. You can reach out to the people who are using these hashtags by injecting your brand’s culture into their feeds.
Like Scotiabank’s recent Instagram advertising campaign, you may cash in on trends by creating content. Scotiabank advertised with the image below. Users were prompted to use the #ThingsOrganizedNeatly hashtag to identify a set of film props.
The Instagram business blog claims that the ad campaign for Scotiabank increased both ad recall (by 20 points) and brand awareness (by 6 points).


Instagram advertising provide a new channel for connecting with your target demographic. Once your advertisements have attracted a following, maintaining that interest is crucial. You can be noticed on Instagram and boost brand success with the correct Instagram marketing strategy.