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What Is The Best Time To Post On Social Media?

Want to know when your social media followers will be online?

Your social media marketing strategy may fail if you don’t know when to post.

You might be sitting on some content that will really hit home with your target demographic, or you might have some news that has to go out there. Yet you’re hesitating to press “publish” since you have no idea when your audience would be most interested.

Doing this on the fly, no matter how much fun it might sound, is not an option. Exactly why is this the case? There’s no use in posting something if you’re not going to do it when the vast majority of your audience is online and can see it. It would not go viral, and only a small fraction of your target demographic might ever see it.
In general, the more attention your post or tweet receives immediately after it is published, the more attention it will continue to receive long after it was first published.

Let me explain: when you make a post on social media

The most engaged users on such platforms react quickly. This early interest tells the algorithm that what you’ve created has some value. As a result, your message will reach a wider audience thanks to the algorithm, which will increase engagement.

So now that you know the inner workings, let’s begin determining the times of day when your audience is most likely to be active across different social media platforms. Check your analytics to see where you stand.

Some fundamentals to bear in mind:

Consider the geographical region and time zone of your readers

If your audience is in a different time zone, you should consider when they are likely to be online before deciding when to post.

If you run a breakfast joint, your followers are more likely to be online in the morning, while those who frequent your upscale bar in the evening will appreciate your weekend and evening posts.

when people are most likely to see your Facebook updates

According to Statista, as of July 2021, the majority of Facebook’s active users are young men aged 18 to 24. This age group also includes the majority of the channel’s active female users.

If your audience is most active on Facebook on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, those are the days you should try to reach out to them. With them, Friday is the day to generate the most interest.

As can be seen in the graph below, Tuesdays see a high volume of Facebook postings, but not the highest levels of engagement.

When catering to a business clientele, this makes the most sense, as it is when most people actually start working.

Best time to post on Instagram

As opposed to Facebook, our research reveals that Instagram postings generate a lot of comments and likes. Fundamentally, its main user group comprises persons within the 25-34 age bracket. Female users from this age range form 15.7% of the users and similarly, 16.4% of the user base is males in the 25-34 age bracket.

Instagram users in the 18-24 age range are another sizable subset. It’s safe to assume that the majority of Instagram users are in the 18–34 age range, as this demographic is the most likely to be engaged with the photo-sharing app.

Time of day is also important, with most updates happening during the week (Tuesday through Friday) and fewer happening on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Since many people take vacations from their professional business accounts, this makes logical.

When you should tweet the most

42% of Twitter users as of February 2021 are between the ages of 18 and 29, while 27% are between the ages of 30 and 49.

Often, they only tweet during the week. This may be the case due to the fact that most microblogging users are small business owners and B2B brands. In fact, 67 percent of all B2B organisations are adopting Twitter as a digital marketing tool.

Our research shows that Thursdays are the most active days for these companies. So if you were to pick one day to post it’d be Thursday – though I’d urge against tweeting simply once a week; consistent, regular updates are ideal for creating and growing your brand.

What is the ideal moment to make a LinkedIn post?

Like Twitter, LinkedIn is also predominantly used in the B2B circle. It’s also fairly popular among college students and millennials with millennials comprising up 60% of LinkedIn’s user population. Only 11 million of the 87 million millennials who use LinkedIn are actually in a position of authority.

Curiously, our findings indicate that LinkedIn has the lowest levels of interaction of all of the major social networks. What may it be? Most LinkedIn members work in business-to-business sectors and have demanding schedules.

Very high levels of engagement and conversions can be achieved through the posting of story-led content and the concentration on relationship building.

In conclusion

You may use this information to know when is the best time to update social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. To further assist you in expanding your business’s social media presence, we have provided platform-specific interaction suggestions.

Here’s a huge, simple piece of advice that’s often disregarded: don’t share the same material across many platforms. Remember that your audience’s expectations will vary between platforms.

Writing captions and status updates for the various social media platforms requires a distinct set of skills. Specifically, the people who frequent LinkedIn like articles that start with a tale. Twitter users, on the other hand, like wit, brevity, and the odd astute observation.